JourneyCircle Card: Connect with your Inner Child Archetype through expressive arts


“I have done so much healing and wholing within the Quest + Mythos Journey eCourses. My own awareness is expanded every time we move into process. The power of journey work enriches my life and my art is truly a language of growth. I have a community, energy and inspiration to enjoy life and empower my choices.”

– Quest Participant

Emotional Freedom


“Being held by Depth Coaching has been extraordinary, helping me to know myself at a much deeper level and assisting me to redefine my life. The process opened me to depth work, understanding where I had been trapped in expectations that were not mine. I now have strong inner resources to keep me moving and centered.”

– Coaching Client

The visionary is the one who brings his or her voice into the world and who refuses to edit, rehearse, perform, or hide. It is the visionary who knows that the power of creativity is aligned with authenticity.  – Angeles Arrian

For more courses, visit JourneyPath Institute, founded by Cat Caracelo to promote integrative depth work, transformative process and expressive art in support of healing, wholeness and expansion.

The Institute offers distinctive training programs such as Creative Depth Coaching Certification and Facilitator Training. The Institute also offers JourneyCircles™, a unique collage process and narrative coaching tool for personal and professional practice.

Visit JourneyPath Institute

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