The Energetics of Claiming

The energetics of claiming is an important topic for me, and has been something I have paid a great deal of attention to over the last fifteen years as I was awakening to deep needs. Recognizing old patterns that were stopping me from experiencing ease of movement, these were the first connections I made, it was the dis-ease of embodied tension and stuck energy. This place of identifying, and connecting, was the beginning of developing the form of journey work that I now engage daily, as a sacred practice.

It is through connecting and using the energetics of claiming, learning to hold the possibility of alternate options as reality, that I began to journey and stake my claims in life and art. I find that journey work has, and continues to, support me in developing my relationship with my past, present and future. Connecting with the energetics of my life and all experiences, a form of deep and powerful truth telling, allows me to understand my own transitions, cycles and phases while connecting with my emerging self.

This emerging energy is often dynamic and linked to old ways, current ways and new ways, so understanding patterns and points of challenge allows me to refine and choose my new edges of growth.

These questions are always relevant and potent:

Where am I now?

Who am I now?

How is my life-path guiding me?

What is a new claiming that calls to me?



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