About Cat

About Cat

Cat Caracelo M.A. is a coach, educator, artist and "guidess" who works internationally with individuals and groups. She is the founder of JourneyPath Institute, creator of the JourneyCircles™ coaching tool, has developed and offered Mythos Journey programs and retreats, and is the author of Gathering Wholeness.

Cat's focus is on designing, supporting and guiding others through transformative process, using a blended approach to depth work, experiential process, coaching and conscious life design. This powerful work is supported by the art of living into possibility, using symbol and image as the language of wisdom, the power of accessing personal stories, understanding personal myths and engaging one's own journey experience, in new ways.

Cat's education includes an BA in Psychology and MA in Transformative Arts and Consciousness Studies, with extensive training and mentoring in coaching with Debbie Ford, New York Times bestselling author and coach. Cat works with cross-cultural myth, depth psychology, dream work, shamanic journeying and creative visualization, which is woven into her work as she guides 'art & life' process. Incorporating art as a powerful intuitive and complementary practice,  Cat offers guidance and support for creative inquiry and life design.

Thank you for joining me here,  it is a privilege to witness your journey unfolding…
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Cat Caracelo

A message from Cat

As a depth coach and transformative artist, I recognize and have worked with the paradoxes, complexities and shadow material of my own life. As I explore my life stories and unravel experiences through the multifaceted lens of the psyche and the inner landscape, I use both creative and linear process to support my journey and yours.

I find that I am guided and informed in direct and illuminating ways as I blend materials, modalities and recognize my own abilities shifting to meet me in new ways.  Incorporating intuitive and intentional creativity, mythic, archetypal and symbolic language, along with a dynamic coaching approach and tools, I design unique and dynamic process that inspire wellness, wholeness and choice.  Designing life with conscious attention and creative inspiration is a personal journey, and one that translates into my work with hundreds of individuals each year.

I develop discovery processes that are both healing and enriching. My work is designed to meet the needs of unique, creative and dynamic individuals, like you, who are working with in real life, activating layers of emerging strengths, completing cycles of healing, navigating transition and embracing life-design. Whether we work together in a group circle or individually, a sacred space and individualized relationship is co-created  to serve your highest self and deepest needs. My work includes speaking, guiding group process and offering Individual Coaching, Consulting, VIP Intensives and Retreats to guide your journey and support your life!

For more courses, visit JourneyPath Institute, founded by Cat Caracelo to promote integrative depth work, transformative process and expressive art in support of healing, wholeness and expansion.

The Institute offers distinctive training programs such as Creative Depth Coaching Certification and Facilitator Training. The Institute also offers JourneyCircles™, a unique collage process and narrative coaching tool for personal and professional practice. This simple, yet powerful process for transformation is also designed to be a dynamic coaching tool for facilitators, coaches and professionals.

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Discover the amazing way JourneyPath Institute can support and enhance your personal and professional approaches to depth work, expressive art and transformative process.