Archetype of the Queen


Queen ArchetypeDo you remember, in the early 80’s, when the illustrator Mary Engelbreit created her art and declared this truth, “It is
good to be Queen”? Her young ones had glowing round faces painted with bright colors and exuberant expressions, claiming power with paper crowns and mop handle scepters. This declaration of self-expression reminded many of us of our own early wishes; claims to sovereignty, choice and youthf
ul expressions of queendom. The truth is, there are many reflections and incarnations of Queen as Archetype.

Queen is thought to be aligned with a full-grown woman who has reached a certain maturity and wisdom. Expressed as the divine feminine, she holds the energy of mother, leader and goddess. Queen is a leader with qualities and attributes that include Gracious, Loving, Fierce, Fair, Capable and Wise.

Most of us recognize that these are only a few facets of the Archetypal Queen, the full expressions are more varied. Indeed, it ends up that it is not always good to be Queen, as they can be challenging, imposing and even dangerous. Lewis Carroll’s red queen exudes madness, with her shrill cry, “off with their heads” she illuminates the impact of a callous, vengeful, self-serving queen. Exploring our own truth within any archetypal pattern, including through the reflection of our own experiences, we must include the connections on the “other end of the spectrum” those that are shadowed and triggering.

Some of us have known or even lived with strong and cruel Queen types, expressed through archetypal distinctions like the Imperious Queen, Abducted Queen, Dissatisfied Queen, Silent Queen, Ice Queen and Vindictive Queen. If this is so for you then your reaction to the queen might be met with sorrow, dismay and even fear.

There is rich source material that is embeddedIMG_8204 with this archetype. Taking into account your experiences, mining the depth and breadth of the Queen is all about relationship building, gestating and birthing the new and claiming what is offered to you. The queen invites you to cultivate purpose, creating a centered calm and growing your capacity. The queen insists that you feed your self what it is that you most need. The Queen energy activates empowerment, direction and voice, broadening your leadership abilities and experiencing sovereignty in ways that serves the whole self.

It is valuable to remember that Queens are both chosen and created. Within a bee hive, a natural community that offers a divine mirror for this conversation…the Queen is chosen by the worker bees from ordinary everyday larvae. Once chosen she is nurtured and fed special nutrients, she must literally receive this specific food to grow and become the Queen. An adult Queen Bee expresses her maturity with focused purpose having received all that she requires, with the addition of continual tending and care she serves her wholeness. Royal Jelly is her food and through her consuming of this rich source food she is changed. Abundant in size the Queen retains the full expression of her original potential, growing until it is time for a new life cycle.

The gift of the Queen archetype is experienced in varied ways but it is always dependent on the ABILITY to RECEIVE. In few cases Queen is chosen by others, as an archetypal energy Queen is more commonly activated through our own maturity and growth that guides us to claiming full expression and sovereignty. In this way is is good to be Queen. In all circumstances, our empowerment and expression of the Queen is developed through our ability to receive, and FIND the source-food that will feed our full expression.

  • Do you desire something that is currently unexpressed or under-expressed in your life?
  • How does the Queen Archetype appear to you?
  • What are the qualities and attributes of the Queen that will assist and support your life?
  • What is the nutrient rich food that is feeding your Queen-Self?
  • Do you need assistance to develop this archetype in the directions of your deep desires?
  • What kind of guidance, help and care do you want to receive?

My own ability to receive has grown as I have matured. My ability to discern and direct my life, choosing to feed myself from the deep source and rich inner wisdom has become a practice. I have learned more about my own direction and capacity through the archetype of the queen. May this conversation feed your expression of the Queen as you take this exploration to heart, perhaps through expressive art!

In Vision,