Artist of Life: Transforming Possibilities


Art Changes Life

This is the truth as I know it.

Cat Caracelo | Artist of Life

I have claimed myself as an Artist of Life, but it happened reluctantly, slowly and over many years. I experienced “loud” doubt at first, and it took time to quiet the inner critic. Old ways of being that were aligned with shadow stories like “too big a risk”, who do you think you are”, and “not worthy”, had to be recognized before they could shift.

I have now moved into a time of full expression. As an Artist of Life I am able to fully embrace what it means to engage art as a transformative process, a guiding force and a change agent!

How are you an artist of life?

We are all Artists of Life. Defining how you make art art is key to developing your sense of how it is to travel as the Artist.

I am a process artist, often gaining more knowledge and pleasure from the creative process than the completed piece or product. I am rarely complete within my process because it extends into narrative and as I do more art, I know more about who I am, what I do and where I am going.

I can and do call myself Expressive Artist, Transformative Artist, Healing Artist, Mythic Artist, Intuitive Artist…all of these forms are my common language helping me to articulate, evasion and design my life. Yet within these definitions there is an undefined quality or energy that is archetypal. It is an expression of the Wild Creative that I call Gypsy…

The archetypal energy of the Creative Wild. She is the Change Agent and my Muse of Transformation.

She, in me, offer a call to action that is by nature a wild and growing thing.

My unfolding story, offers archetypal reflection and energetic activation that impacts the way I understand my personal mythology.

The experience of myself in relationship to this expression is a continuing life-story that follows me, informs me; moving in and out of my life, sometimes clear and expressed in one form and other times subtle, quiet, contemplative and barely there.

The expression of my artist self, the creative wild transitioned from a place of not knowing, shadow stories that held a diminished and challenged expression. In a state of change, after experiencing loss and making new choices to trust, SHE began to emerge in a way that led me to understand the capacity to alter one own path, how to embrace possibility. With new channels of creative (energetic) expression open, the wisdom and guidance offered through making art, engaging transformative process and wisdom seeking, helped me to find and align with the Artist of Life.

This video was created in the midst of a decade of profound change.

January 2008 brought new levels of expression in the form of image, symbolic reference, inner wisdom and the practice, while focusing my own emerging power. As I created this video I was a depth coach and artist, teaching Mythos Journey process to hundreds of women worldwide, experiencing expansion and transformation.

I was aligned with the Artist of Life. This VisionMovie is still inspiring this expression, years later. I will tell you that much of what was reflected in this image based narrative was not yet active or experienced, it was “Unwritten” at the time of creating.

I was using the focus of my ART, moving through shadow stories into new experiences and expressions, expanding the visioning process held within Mythos Journey and Depth Process, to redefine how art is a tool of transformation. Years later 90% of what I envisioned, has become manifest.

How are you an Artist of Life?

How are you moving into visioning, activating possibilities, within your art and life?

My work as a Depth Coach, using Conscious Life Design, Transformative Art and Personal Myth as framework is developed with an understanding of our extraordinary human ability to redefine oneself and align with possibility.

May you express your Artist of Life today!

In Vision,