A New Approach to Being

The January blahs caught up with me after a busy midwinter…and as much as I needed the rest it was disorienting to feel the doldrums…a flatness, grey skies inside and out.


What do you do when you feel stale, snared…bogged down?

Sometimes I get caught up in “shoulds” – this year I felt the critic tapping on my shoulder, “what’s up?”, “when are you going to shift into….?” those pushy questions that deny a need to BE.

When those low ebb feelings come (and they do come at times), it can be like a low tide going out further and further and you can see a lot of what has been hiding under the surface. It is disconcerting to notice where odd “things” appear that you haven’t seen in a while. Its vulnerable to let the flow get that low, show what is happening along the edges of productivity – but it is often an important place to be seen and see for your self. [Please understand that I am not speaking about serious depression, which often requires professional support.]

So many times we challenge ourselves, wanting to do rather than be. And a month like January can feel like a great time to vision and activate, but only if that energy is genuinely active.

It is NOT a good time to activate and vision if you are feeling flat.

That critic energy comes to prod and push, “where is your commitment?”, “really are you going to take another day off?”, “look at her or him, do you see what they are accomplishing?”, why aren’t you getting out there?” or “when are you getting a new plan of action together?”

It’s not about Commitment at a time like this…it is ALL about Connection.

Connection is one of the most important and powerful ways to utilize the times when the flow is low – a time of uncovering and letting it be what it is – when rest, recovery and a natural recalibration is needed most. When you are feeling blocked or flat it is time to connect first with yourself, to take the time to listen in and talk a walk through the low tides, create when you can…seeing and feeling everything that is present.

The January blahs can offer space to find your center, restore the heart…be in your life, honor waiting, explore the nature of energy that can feel like a detour or delay but over time will become the space of Be Here Now. A place that exposes where simple pleasures will be found again. There is CONNECTION to seek and find in this space – no delay, no wrongness, no lack of commitment or capacity. When you make time to be exactly where you are you will find new territory…becoming more familiar with the center of this state gives you a stronger sense of what is available to you.

In this place of discovery you may find what most important to YOU, in the center of right NOW. It is always from your own center that essence, energy and awareness is discovered, awakened, something that will become new expression. Its true that sometimes one is flying high and other times falling flat…and yes we all have preferences or favorite states of being and feeling, but remember that everything is always changing.

What is waiting for you, exposed and wanting to be seen, when you give yourself time to BE?

Rather than undermining your true expression of flatness and grey days that might come this month or next, now or later, remember to recognize the blahs as vital, important – embrace them, make space for them and honor them as a time of seeing, feeling and being.

In Vision,