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Honoring Choice + Voice

I shared these words last year at a Women’s World   Summit 2016 online event for International Women’s Day, which is today March 8th. Last night, as I connected to this coming day, its purpose, its promise. I wondered if these words would still express what I believe, how I live, what I love, how […]

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We are called to VISION

We are called to vision. We are called to become that which is calling us forward. Within this space of exploring and expressing all of who we are, through depth work, coaching, experiential creativity and learning, we seek and find the shades of shadow and the poetry of possibility… The constant in my life is my ability to […]

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coaching and expressive arts integration is essential

Four Key Reasons: Coaching + Expressive Arts Integration is Essential

I am committed to integrating expressive arts and creative process into the work of coaching and facilitation. Based on my experience working with thousands of clients and students for over fifteen years here are four key reasons that expressive arts are absolutely essential to coaching and developing this work in the world. Expressive Arts is a […]

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Call to Wholeness

The Call to Wholeness + QuestPath

The Call to Wholeness is a primary living language. It speaks to the deeper part of who we are and how we activate change and growth through the seasons of life. We travel with experience that is both known and unknown. We have a sense of who we have been, who we are and where the CALL is […]

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Live Out Loud

Living Out Loud

Its a glorious month, full and overflowing with abundance, overlapping commitments and plans. Not generally how I schedule my time, at least not consciously, but several opportunities conspired to invite in this much YES energy. I am saying YES to YES. With that said, I am also becoming more and more conscious of my need for structures and recognize the need to be […]

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