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Dreaming and the Creative Process

Dreaming is a powerful connective conduit to the creative process. I was exposed, early in my training, to indigenous ways of knowing and shamanic dreaming traditions within Native American, Hawaiian, Saami, and Celtic tribes which are aligned with gathering and interpreting messages, symbols and healing stories over time. Based on my own experience, and my work with others, dreaming is […]

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Honoring Seena Frost and SoulCollage®

Honoring Seena Frost

In 2005 I discovered by happy accident an art form called SoulCollage® which was a perfect synthesis of the shadow work and sub personality work I was doing in conjunction with Debbie Ford and  my my work with art based process and depth coaching. I was at a psychology conference and Seena  was presenting her process. In this first […]

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Emotionally Lost

FEEL Method: Exploring Emotional Literacy

Exploring emotional intelligence and literacy through the years, I have over time developed a process called FEEL that provides a clear way to uncover stuck, unexpressed or unwanted emotions and create new understanding. Because emotional knowledge is a rich inner resource of understanding, resiliency and communication, learning how to FEEL is a whole self, active participation endeavor. FEEL = Focused Experience with Emotional Literacy I […]

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