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Dreaming and the Creative Process

Dreaming is a powerful connective conduit to the creative process. I was exposed, early in my training, to indigenous ways of knowing and shamanic dreaming traditions within Native American, Hawaiian, Saami, and Celtic tribes which are aligned with gathering and interpreting messages, symbols and healing stories over time. Based on my own experience, and my work with others, dreaming is […]

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The Power of Journey Process

The power of the Mythos Journey and Mythos Journey Quest is undeniable…having lead journey process classes for many years there is something profound that happens, even in the initial commitment to engage there is a cracking open and stepping into. This season of SummerQuest is offering something special. I love this class and bring it forward after two […]

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She stands at the edge…

Journey with the energy of the seeker, the adventurer, explore the trickster and the wise fool. “Who’s Bluffing Who” is a theme from one of my JourneyCircles™ cards (see above) that inspires this ten minute creative conversation and guided journey. Enjoy the exploration and creative prompts using your own materials…discover where you are facing fear and guided by trust. […]

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blue moon

Winter Solstice and Deep Connections

This is an important season for me, it is a powerful threshold time that calls me back to my own nature. I create space to nurture my deepest connections; this allows me to release, rest, renew and fill again with vital energy that flows through my life… Winter Solstice has been celebrated in all cultures […]

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Mystical Labyrinth

Equinox Guided Journey: A Gathering Meditation

Honoring this tribe and celebrating the Autumnal Equinox, I offer this twelve minute journey video; voice, drum, music and song. My hope is that this offering will complement your day and give you some powerful inner wisdom to create with, holding you close to the heartbeat of the earth during this time of changing light…    

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