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Queen Archetype

Archetype of the Queen

    Do you remember, in the early 80’s, when the illustrator Mary Engelbreit created her art and declared this truth, “It is good to be Queen”? Her young ones had glowing round faces painted with bright colors and exuberant expressions, claiming power with paper crowns and mop handle scepters. This declaration of self-expression reminded many […]

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Life Unfolds

Life Unfolds: Visioning and Visual Narrative

Your visual narrative is an unfolding story, knowing who you have been and who you are can help you to choose who you will be, as you journey. This is an active happening. Visual narrative, whether in art making, image based process, intuitive traveling or dreaming, is all visioning and not separate from experience. It is experience. Visioning is active. Story […]

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Archetypes of the Tarot: The Twins or The Lovers

I have explored archetypes from many perspectives and have always been intrigued by the Major Arcana in the tarot as source material. The Tarot is an exciting source of symbolic language and images that have their roots in alchemy are evocative when exploring our own stores through imagery. The Twins or The Lovers as an archetype, […]

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blue moon

Winter Solstice and Deep Connections

This is an important season for me, it is a powerful threshold time that calls me back to my own nature. I create space to nurture my deepest connections; this allows me to release, rest, renew and fill again with vital energy that flows through my life… Winter Solstice has been celebrated in all cultures […]

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Mystical Labyrinth

Equinox Guided Journey: A Gathering Meditation

Honoring this tribe and celebrating the Autumnal Equinox, I offer this twelve minute journey video; voice, drum, music and song. My hope is that this offering will complement your day and give you some powerful inner wisdom to create with, holding you close to the heartbeat of the earth during this time of changing light…    

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