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Dreaming and the Creative Process

Dreaming is a powerful connective conduit to the creative process. I was exposed, early in my training, to indigenous ways of knowing and shamanic dreaming traditions within Native American, Hawaiian, Saami, and Celtic tribes which are aligned with gathering and interpreting messages, symbols and healing stories over time. Based on my own experience, and my work with others, dreaming is […]

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Engaging Art as a Journey

I was invited this month to be part of a wonderful gathering of artists in studio with Laura Hollick, we were globally connected several times for brilliant conversation, and all the while we were creating. My creative process was already influenced by some recent journeys – just returning from my annual Goddess Retreat where a circle of women explored the earthy body […]

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Life Unfolds

Life Unfolds: Visioning and Visual Narrative

Your visual narrative is an unfolding story, knowing who you have been and who you are can help you to choose who you will be, as you journey. This is an active happening. Visual narrative, whether in art making, image based process, intuitive traveling or dreaming, is all visioning and not separate from experience. It is experience. Visioning is active. Story […]

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Archetypes of the Tarot: The Twins or The Lovers

I have explored archetypes from many perspectives and have always been intrigued by the Major Arcana in the tarot as source material. The Tarot is an exciting source of symbolic language and images that have their roots in alchemy are evocative when exploring our own stores through imagery. The Twins or The Lovers as an archetype, […]

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