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Masterclass Invitation

Creative Depth Coaching is a hybrid form of coaching that combines traditional and narrative coaching with healing modalities, transformative art and depth process to engage wisdom, self-discovery and healing. Deep thinkers, healers and seekers often yearn for this type of inner exploration to fuel their purpose and passion. For the Creative Depth Coach, the integration […]

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The Call to Journey | Share from Cat Caracelo

Just returning from a journey experience with a circle of women in Italy, I am reminded of how potent it is to travel together in virtual circles and in real time. I want to share is how much these circles, these creative circles provide opportunities for each of us together and travel together in different ways There is […]

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Retreat + Renewal: The Energy of Presence

I am just coming back from a personal retreat, a time of remembering  a close childhood friend who recently passed away. During this time I honored this deep and abiding friendship that started at a pivotal time in my life. Taking extra time to consciously restore my energies, this was truely a time to celebrate life, and still honoring that grief was woven […]

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The Power of Journey Process

The power of the Mythos Journey and Mythos Journey Quest is undeniable…having lead journey process classes for many years there is something profound that happens, even in the initial commitment to engage there is a cracking open and stepping into. This season of SummerQuest is offering something special. I love this class and bring it forward after two […]

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Engaging Art as a Journey

I was invited this month to be part of a wonderful gathering of artists in studio with Laura Hollick, we were globally connected several times for brilliant conversation, and all the while we were creating. My creative process was already influenced by some recent journeys – just returning from my annual Goddess Retreat where a circle of women explored the earthy body […]

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