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Jungian Based Depth Coaching Program

Is Creative Depth Coach Certification what you have been waiting for? ¬† CDCC is designed for women who are lifelong learners, seekers, deep thinkers and creatives. CDCC supports women in transition, we who are redefining life with an aligned path. CDCC inspires those who are dedicated to depth, healing and wholeness. The program offers powerful […]

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Retreat + Renewal: The Energy of Presence

I am just coming back from a personal retreat, a time of remembering¬†¬†a close childhood friend who recently passed away. During this time¬†I honored this deep and abiding friendship that started at a¬†pivotal¬†time in my life. Taking extra time to consciously restore my energies,¬†this¬†was truely a time to¬†celebrate life,¬†and still honoring that grief was woven […]

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Fall Trees

Seasons of Life | Guided Process

How might a season be a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, a month, a memory… Gather your favorite creative materials and prepare some space for quieting and entering. This¬†gentle guided process will open up the language of seasons, Each gentle suggestion will¬†invite to¬†you to move easily through your inner landscape, seeking where specific […]

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