Seeing Through + Clearing a Path

Reading and Brewing Tea
Clearing a path, seeing through and making space…

There is something special about a time of claiming and making space, this year it is claiming the time to enjoy the crisp weather. Getting outside to feel the breeze. The sunsets are beautiful…and night is falling dark earlier and earlier.

I find that I want extra space in my life to muse…to brew tea and run my eyes over full bookshelves to find a new inviting title. I feel the need to eat more consciously, clear cobwebs, read, cook, make art and invite in new projects.

This year, my seasonal invitation to abundance was not what it has been. Generally a bumper crop of apples brings me into the kitchen to cut and peal and make crisps. The last three years my one dwarf apple tree, yielded 83, 41 and this year, 2.

A metaphor, I thought? Two…only two…it made me think, ponder and realize that the tree is not getting enough nutrients and water, the garden is thirsty, cracked and if I am paying attention, it is somewhat neglected.

The drought here in California, has been pulling at my whole being and my two apples reminded me that I have been feeling edgy, thirsty and overdone. So realizing that some of my “normal” fall traditions may not be met, or meet all of my needs this year…I look instead for places that feel neglected and peek deep inside.

Seeing Through the DoorwayFinding a way to see into the edges of these feelings, I created this “window card” and found an image of “she who seeks and sees” to help me to explore how to move beyond the edges of feeling edgy.

This week I activated three simple things to gift myself a new way in.

1. Moving past resistance, I went to a weekly group to get some needed support with my wellness goals. Do you feed your feelings when you are thirsty? I definitely do.

2. I took myself to the beach for a day off to invite play, enjoying the cooling breezes and time away.

3. I cleaned up and organized my over-full office while listening to an audible book (so much more enjoyable), tossing out some ancient papers and several shelves of books…I made a new space for projects and binders.

My husband did a little tending of the garden which was a great bonus…but ultimately, it is me who ALWAYS needs to turn my attention to my thirsty life. In order to tend my garden I have to seek, and see beyond the edges of feelings…peek through the windows to find new pathways.

  • Where are you feeling thirsty or neglected?
  • What kind of viewfinder, window or way might help you to SEEK and SEE some of your seasonal needs?
  • What are three easy, simple, delightful and delicious ways that you will you tend your “garden of life” this week?