Cohort Information & Application

Thank you for your interest in the Creative Depth Coaching Certification offered through JourneyPath Institute, designed and led by Cat Caracelo. The ten-month professional cohort is currently offered once a year and begins again in January 2018.

This training is intended to extend and augment ones personal and professional work integrating principles of depth coaching, extended expressive art, transformative process, advanced creative coaching tools and structuring to support your practice.

At this time, the Depth Coaching Certification group will be offered one time each calendar year, and spaces are limited. Each cohort is designed to be a peer oriented group, as well as an adult learning community.

Each program moves through three areas of focus: Self as Client, Coach as Bridge and Applied Coaching + Business. The principles of shadow, journey, depth, growth and myth work are offered throughout, with core learning, advanced creative and coaching strategies included each month.

You will experience:

  • Ten Modules of content rich training material (January-October)
  • Monthly Web-Share | Class Calls (10)
  • Mid-Month Web-Share Group Coaching + Process (10)
  • Monthly Individual Coaching (9)
  • Dynamic Multi-Modal Creative Experiences
  • Advanced JourneyCircle™, Creative Coaching Tools and Applied Process
  • Experiential Learning
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Learning Outcomes Integration (3)
  • Monthly Themes and Mythic Explorations
  • Focus Areas (Trimesters): Self, Client, Applied Coaching
  • Added Support: Business Building/Mastermind (Second + Third Trimester)
  • Peer Exchange in Interactive Online Classroom
  • Ongoing Connection and Peer Support

Upon receipt of application, your application will be confirmed, reviewed and a time to talk by phone will be scheduled.

*If you do not hear from us within 48 hours please check back by email to confirm that your application was received!

With acceptance into the program there is a deposit of $675 that will be invoiced along with agreement.



Submit to, and please put COHORT APPLICATION in the subject line.

2017 Payment Options (Detailed in Application):

  • Deposit + 11 Payments $375/month (January – November)
  • Deposit + 4 Payments $1031.25 (January – April)
  • Single Payment + $300 Savings | $4500

Examples of the JourneyCircles™ Institute Online Classroom pages:

Layered Learning:









Interactive Sharing:







Monthly Module Outline:










Experiential Process:









Live Stream + Recorded Class Events: