*FREE JOURNEY | Archetypes of the Creative Wild

a 25 Day Creative Challenge!

September 1st - September 25th

I am gathering the women, artists of life all – to deepen the conversation of how we experience and express through art, narrative and journey! I have a dream of traveling with a tribe of thousands – women, healers and artists who are connecting deeply, activating change, redefining life and transforming the nature of the world. Explore the archetypal energies and dynamic expression of the creative wild through daily inspirations. This is my gift to you…join for FREE!


TWENTY-FIVE DAYS of art, transformation and insight that will change your perspective and realign your life. This is a free creative challenge!

This is my gift to us all, join for *free, CLICK HERE!

How many ways do you experience and express YOUR creative wild?

The Creative Wild is expressed through many archetypal Energies, Rhythms and Ways.

Create SpaceWe begin 9/1/16!

I am gathering us to deepen the conversation of ART + LIFE! I have a dream of traveling with a tribe of thousands of women who are activating change and redefining life, healing and transforming the nature of the world.

What to expect:

  • Wednesday August 31, you will receive communication, sent at 5pm EST offering schedule, Facebook Group Private Page access, a video and a ‘brief and sweet’ ebook for newcomers to the tribe!
  • The challenge officially begins on September 1st with mid-day (12noon EST) prompts offered!
  • Experience easy access, inspiration and flow in this class!
  • We will meet for two Zoom web-shares (Live & Recorded)
  • Art Inspiration + Prompts will be sent daily
  • Videos, Meditations and Journey Wisdom will be shared along the way!

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This is your time to shine, join us for FREE!

Time to ShineWhy it matters:

We will share, meet and connect in a variety of ways, to expand the language of our soul, make art and understand depth process. 

Offered in a easy, flexible learning format, all materials, recordings and materials are sent to your email.

An optional and dynamic private community forum on Facebook is an active and fun way to communicate your experiences with the process.

I am offering you a powerful way to connect to the sacred self, defining and understanding more about the patterns and archetypes that are present in your life. This class is a perfect companion to the beginning of a new season.

StrengthI am sharing a extraordinary part of my own story that influenced how I have redesigned my life, it is from these connections that I was able to create a body of work using art and process, develop a coaching style, design a creative coaching tool, write a book, and offer journey process to others over the last 12 years.

Whether you are just beginning to explore art as a transformative tool or have developed a strong practice working with ‘favorite mediums’ such as collage, painting or mixed media art/assemblage, this *FREE class, and gathering space, will support and guide you.

You are called to experience a Mini Mythos Journey…there are new insights and ways of being that are ready to be explore.

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