QuestPath: A Year of Mythos Journey

Sacred Wheel + Year of Mythos Journey

Quest through the Year: 1 Tribe + 8 Thematic Journeys + 6 Virtual Retreat Days + 10 Quest Calls and more!

As the veil thins we initiate the deeper journey, a sacred circle of creative women from all over the world will gather to travel in QuestPath, a year of journeying with the sacred wheel + mythic themes.  Honor your own rhythms and creative ways, have access to one amazing group that is traveling together all year with inspired, activated art and process, that is always translated into life. Experience aligned seasonal journeys and inspired offerings that weave a path through the year.

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Welcome to the place of seeding dreams, a seasonal Quest that activates mythic remembering. 

QuestPath is an amazing group process with a series of mythic themes offered around the wheel of the year that will inspire art, transformation and community; bringing forth extraordinary insight, depth, healing, delight and growth. 

Within each year there are important transitions. These threshold times, invite us to step in, reclaim, heal and feel the brilliance of our potential.

  • Are you wanting to create a rich and mythic experience, with your art and life?
  • Are you interested in art as healing, as a source of self-discovery and empowerment?
  • Do you feel called to seek the deeper stories and expand your edges?
  • Are you inspired by esoteric philosophies and blended process?
  • Do you yearn for a circle of like-minded “kindred sisters”?

Explore and develop new ways to travel with art and process, this is your Quest, a yearlong adventure!

QuestPath invites you to dip in or dive deep with the seasonal energies and mythic themes offered around the sacred wheel of the year. We enter at Samhain and move through Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas and travel back to Autumn Equinox. Honor your own rhythms and creative ways, have access to one amazing group, and a powerful tribe of quest sisters, traveling together all year.

Be attuned to your whole self, explore the patterns and rhythms that inspire your life. Expressive art and transformative process provide and advance healing and new possibility.

A Quest is a doorway beckoning you to enter and explore, a Path guides you as you move from one experience to the next; offering you the knowledge that is only found in the Spiral of Experience. Travel with a sacred circle of  women, myth-walkers all, using your art and life to explore the Quest that is waiting!

Experience seasonal energies, multiple mythic journeys, shared process, art and community exploration that will build throughout the year. There will be times of rest and contemplation, as well as easy access to rich and dynamic journey themes. The invitation to honor your own rhythm invites you to linger where you need to and gather energy toward the journey when it calls. 

Art is a language of the soul.

Art and creative inquiry that guide our QuestPath experience may include: Mixed Media, SoulCollage®, Art Journaling, JourneyCircles™, Intuitive Painting, Poetics & Writing, Altered Books, Fiber Arts and Assemblage.

Open to the mystery of your own experiential process, where intuitive and intentional creativity meet depth work and visioning!

You are invited to incorporate your whole life, using elements and art both new and previously created. Mythic references and symbolic patterns such as the seasons, phases of the moon, north and south nodes, medicine wheel, celtic calendar and other important wisdom symbols, archetypes and personal references will be explored during the quest.

CircleExperience your mythic, inner realm, where your personal myths meet and inspire your life!  

You will be supported in QuestPath with seasonal materials, creative invitations, group calls, guided process and our sharing on the forum. Seasonal themes offer extraordinary ways to meet yourself within the journey. Simple creative experiences help you to find the images and energies, offer deep insights and expand your sense of who you are!

2019 -2020 QuestPath Themes + Details will be posted in August!

The next year long journey begins in late October 2019

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QuestPath is a powerful symbiotic experience with art and life.

We are each inspired as we move within the community. Creative themes invite the individual journey, a place where art and insights activate extraordinary outcomes.


You will experience the intimacy and trust that is forged in a safe and sacred creative circle.

You will build a strong relationship with self  by activating deeper intuition.

You will initiate healing within the creative process, recognize how and where healing is happening in your stories.

You will develop a living language of personal myth, metaphor, symbolism and image based narrative.

You will empower your choices and play with new expressions of the authentic self, as a moving and voiced energy.

You will find clarity of your own purpose and path, embracing new possibilities.

You will create art in many ways, exploring your own creative source, style and purpose of being an artist of life.

You will experience energy, movement and joy as you travel with a tribe of kindred Quest Sisters.

Emerging from the Deep | Collage: Cat CaraceloThe structure and design of this program encourages participants to explore the material at their own pace; guided by wisdom teachings, course materials, prompts and experiential process. The shared experience is flexible, accessed and co-created in our community tele-calls, virtual retreat days [where we gather together for art and ritual on web-share] and online group forum. The opportunity to share our art and process, expands and develops as we explore questions, ideas, dreams, challenges and insights together. When we gather, we invite the collective energy of deep discovery, seeking and finding the hidden places that will enrich our life.


QuestPath | Sacred Wheel + Year of Mythos Journey

$1499 Early Bird $749

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As a Quest Sister you will receive:

  • A 60+ page QuestPath: Beginning the Year
  • New QuestPath Companion Journal [download included, print workbook can be ordered]
  • Seasonal Mythos Journey themes, with materials, art invitations and group calls
  • 10 Quest Tele-Calls
  • 6 Virtual Creative Retreat Days on Zoom
  • Weekly inspiration videos in Facebook Group
  • Abundant group sharing and art + life inspiration
  • A private year-long Secret Facebook group
  • Guided meditations and videos for creative process + deep discovery
  • Seasonal structures that guide the Sacred Wheel + Seasons of the Year
  • Mythic Moon + Moon Garden Guided Meditations
  • Responsive witnessing and depth is offered in the program and forum
  • Individual coaching and/or coaching packages are available if desired
  • Live and recorded group calls and web-share events
  • Easy access for all materials and recordings, in dedicated space!

I am Here

Journey, Class and Full Moon Calls + Virtual Retreat Days 

Call times alternate to accommodate all time zones, with all community gatherings recorded for later listening.

Weekly Inspiration videos in our secret Facebook Group



What women are saying about the Quest:

“I have done so much healing and wholing work in a year’s time within the Quest and Mythos Journey classes. With much clearing out of old unwanted stories, and unneeded stuff, I have room and energy internally and out to take in so much more of my life.”

“Quest is the perfect blend of inspiration, structure and creative freedom.”

“Working with Cat has brought greater awareness and consciousness to how I am living my life—I feel seen, acknowledged and deeply inspired by her.”

“Cat is a tremendously wise and compassionate guide and coach.”

“I enjoyed journeying with my fellow quest-sisters who bring their own amazing insights, shared experience and sisterhood in this circle.”

*There are a limited number of QuestPath Coaching packages offered, with Cat Caracelo. Each year QuestPath Coaching Packages offer the eCourse, community and individual coaching sessions, with added discount. Contact Cat directly to get more information and see if one of these coaching package options compliments your life for this next year!

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QuestPath Refund Policy

Payment is full is agreed with initial payment, refund will be honored for 2019-2020 Quest through 10.25.19, less an administrative fee of $95. Please note that the payment plan is offered as a courtesy, and with your initial payment you are committing to complete the payments in full for this entire eCourse, regardless of use. I am committed to delivering amazing material throughout this rich year long program and I expect the same commitment to honoring your financial agreement. If a challenge arises please connect with to discuss your situation.