Creating More Time

If you are anything like me you probably need to find some time for yourself, away from others, a space to be inside of your precious life. In a flurry of a holiday week, juggling your work in the world, ‘to dos’ or family I ask this:

When time is challenging you, how can you create more of it?

My own answers come in a few forms and don’t always make sense – of course they are unique, as yours will be – some are incongruent seeming to create tasks rather than time but they do alter my relationship with time and shift my perspective. Each of these reflects something that is needed and useful:

  1. Mark your moment, by lighting a candle, using chimes or sound, through ritual you can create time and space to return to yourself.
  2. Quiet your mind by breathing into your back, your belly or your heart.
  3.  Take a creative break and gather some materials to explore with.
  4. Clear a space, so that an opening (even a small one) is experienced.
  5. Take a walk or visit a sacred space/landscape to connect with nature.
  6. Find a small cozy nook to listen to music, read or write.
  7. Bring flowers, leaves or branches inside to enhance your life.
  8. Set a timer (what?!) – set a timer to gift yourself 5-10 minutes to engage something important on this list.
  9. Be willing to loose yourself in transformed time, non-linear time floats, inviting deep rest and creative exploration.
  10. Invite the gifts and insights that are realized back into your day to day. Mark your life-moments with reflective art, objects and words that will continue to offer ease.

I offer this brand new guided journey (audio/video) as a meditation, make time for 12 minutes of drifting into the imaginal realm…may it guide you into a space of beyond-time, where you remember and gather, finding important connections that meet you well!

In Vision,

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