Cultivate a Spirit of Tending

Tending Life - Peaceful Garden

I sense that many of you are noticing major shifts in energy.  Honoring your WHOLE SELF, includes understanding and attending to your personal rhythm. This is a practice that is vital to YOUR wellness!  I find that seasonal shifts are a common and sometimes challenging occurrence – this year is certainly bringing powerful energy. I create new ways to tend to my deepest needs, and whole self, through sacred space, nurturing art, writing and exploring journey process. The discovery and dialoguing that I use within my own creative process, and include in my work with others, helps me to connect more deeply with myself, meeting my needs as I ‘live into my life’ in conscious and connected ways.

In the tender moments when I am flooded with feelings, fearful or vulnerable, I am called to create space for nurturing and caring. When I am spinning in an energy surge, I can fuel my passion with images of spicy energy or balance my activated senses by seeking the guidence of quiet renewal. As I shift into a creative space of discovery, I am already opening to the new wisdom that is on the edge of my understanding.

Through the ART of TENDING I find creative, surprising and powerful solutions to the very things that challenge and confuse me. I engage my questions as I create, inviting clarity and balance to meet me in every season of experience! Activate the art of tending in your life! Explore your art & life in a creative process and coaching that generates profound insight and life affirming shifts.

Powerful Questions:

How are you tending to yourself and your life?
Are there stuck areas need your attention?
Are you questioning your cycles of energy?

How can you create with these questions?

Cultivate YOUR spirit of tending and connect with me to explore Depth Coaching or Conscious Life Design.

In Vision,


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