Engaging Art as a Journey

She, Mythos Journey Mapping

I was invited this month to be part of a wonderful gathering of artists where we got a chance to create together and have some brilliant conversations!

My creative process was  influenced by some recent journeys – just having returned from my annual Goddess Retreat where we, a circle of women, explored the earthy body while connecting with sacred springs, stone circles, mythic remembering and the divine feminine in the land.

I was nearby and got a chance to visit Niagara Falls a few days before. I was able to move into the mountain and see through the roar of falling waters from several vantage points. Struck by the power of these falls, I was also very moved by witnessing the cauldron of spinning, swirling waters and rising plums of mists. I painted this energy into my art and recognize how embodied moving energy is an active intention in my art and life right now!

Home in my own studio I was able to open “her” back up and incorporate JourneyCircles™  and creative mapping to more deeply explore the messages in my art!

I hope this image journey inspires you to create and map your path!

In Vision,