October SoulCollage: Archetypes & Symbols, Moving Beyond Shadow Stories

Saturday, October 3rd


Archetypes & Symbols: Moving Beyond Shadow Stories



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SoulCollage® is a psycho-spiritual process of creating a personal deck of wisdom cards which reflect and explore your many facets. Exploring your life-journey through the lens of image and symbol you will be exploring the intuitive and distinctive collage process called SoulCollage® inviting you to combine and layer images to create each card.

Through layering and combining your images you will find a magical third entity emerges within your card. Each card has voice and is imbued with specific energies that inspire inner exploration. Your SoulCollage® cards have many uses and applications for expanded practice and translation into day to day life. They will reflect the past, present and future, many aspects of self and the deep intuitive wisdom held within your psyche. Your deck supports journey work, shadow process, healing, conscious life design and personal growth.

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