Ancestral Dreaming + Soul Stories | Southern California Equinox Retreat

Sept. 27-30, 2018 | Thursday 4pm - Sunday 12 pm Elsinore, CA (Southern California)

Explore your deep myths and journey with art and life, joining a circle of women in this extraordinary all inclusive four day retreat at Pine Manor, a wonderful sacred space in the Southern California mountains near Lake Elsinore. Discover your soul stories through art-making, depth work and guided journey process, just past the Equinox!



Loka samasta sukino bhavantu - May all beings everywhere be happy and free

During this retreat you will explore Ancestral Dreaming and Soul Stories as a source of deep knowing, and bringing forward the current harvest in your life, seeking how and where ancestral resonance and dream pathways converge to inform your life.

We will explore evocative forms and materials, which can be used to explore feelings, memories, intuitive knowing, emotions, embodied sensing, information and states of being. Art-making, art as process and art as ritual will harness energetic connections that can be embraced as a language of the soul. Within this journey space you will work with symbols, deep source/knowledge, seasonal and emerging energies that will deepen experience and invite full expression.

You will receive:

  • Single or Shared Room AccommodationsPlant-Room-for-web
  • All meals are prepared for us.
  • A special retreat bag and all art materials provided.
  • Guided Process & Creative Spaciousness for art-making, contemplative time and group exploration.
  • Exclusive retreat with Art Studio Space, Meditation Spaces & Sand Tray Room.

Image-1Two Views of the Sand Tray Room


Retreat, all Meals + Shared Room $925.00

Retreat, all Meals + Single Room $ 1125.00

Payment Plan Available – Deposit $100 + three payments