Mythic Rivers & Night Sea Journeys Retreat

October 10th- 12th | Friday 2pm-8pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 9am -2pm Elsinore, CA (Southern California)

Explore your deep myths with a circle of women in this extraordinary all inclusive weekend retreat at Pine Manor, a wonderful sacred space in the Southern California mountains near Lake Elsinore. We will gather for a powerful three-day journey where you will explore art-making and depth process as you navigate the deep mythic rivers, dream pathways and sacred stories of your life.



Loka samasta sukino bhavantu - May all beings everywhere be happy and freeDuring this retreat you will expand your experience of depth and journey process, extending form and use of materials. You will invite discovery as you travel into your night seas and flowing waters, uncovering elemental potency and purpose woven into the symbolic wisdom our your own primordial source material.

The night sea journey takes you back to your primordial self, not the heroic self that burns out and falls to judgment, but to your original self, yourself as a sea of possibility, your greater and deeper being. Night sea journey is a cosmic passage taken as a metaphor for our own dark nights, when we are trapped in a mood or by external circumstances and can do little but sit and wait for liberation. The darkness is natural, one of the life processes.” – Thomas Moore

You will receive:

  • Shared Room Accommodations at Pine Manor.Plant-Room-for-web
  • All meals are prepared for us.
  • A special retreat bag and all art materials provided.
  • Guided Process & Creative Spaciousness for art-making and group exploration.
  • Exclusive retreat with Art Studio Space, Meditation Spaces & Sand Tray Room.

Image-1Two Views of the Sand Tray Room

Two Night & Three Day Retreat, all Meals + Shared Room $675.00

Three Payment Option Available

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