SummerQuest Retreat | The Muse and Creative Wild

July 7-10, 2015

The Muse and the Creative Wild | A SummerQuest Journey Retreat

Join a small circle of women in a lush Sonoma Retreat space nestled in the oaks, surrounded by gardens, water, trees and sacred space where we will call in the Muse and explore the language of our souls path with expressive arts and transformative process, in this all inclusive retreat in Sonoma, California.



Retreat with your Muse!

Westerbeke Ranch Retreat Center, Sonoma, Ca | July 7-10, 2015

SummerQuest Retreat | www.catcaracelo.comCome to the Muse and the Creative Wild, a SummerQuest retreat!

Together we weave time out of time, filled with enchantment and play. Engaging with the land and archetypal energies of the Muse, connect to the stories that meet you here.

Explore the many expressions of your Creative Wild through shamanic journey, depth process, and expressive arts with Cat Caracelo and guest teachers!

You will be surrounded by a lush Sonoma Retreat space nestled in the oaks, surrounded by gardens, water, trees and sacred space where you can release the energies of summer, travel into the dance of life to explore the many faces of your creative wild, seeking archetypal energies, the language of your souls path, enchantment and delight, gypsy stories and connecting to your mythic self. We will surrounded by the energies, symbols and sacred landscape of the the Muse.


SummerQuest: A Mythos Journey is an all-inclusive retreat designed to connect you to a new way of listening, visioning, creating and moving through life. You will seek and find reflections of your Mythic Self, exploring the connections through group process, experiential creative and exploration sessions. You will also have time to wander and gather, create in a timeless realm, seeking your own council in the numinous space of your Quest.

During our days together you will expand your experience of the SummerQuest through a shamanic and art based journey process exploring Personal Myth with the energy the ancients, the muses and the land.

We will integrate archetypal Gypsy energy, deepening our individual work with our stories, exploring the energies of the creative wild through guided process, movement, words and art.

Special guest teachers will be joining us including my friend Chris Zydel, process painting “queen of creative juices” who is coming to share her famous “hands on” muse wisdom about Creative Wild painting and your journey with MUSE!

Mixed Media |Gypsy Journey

Other exciting retreat highlights include three JourneyCircles™ breakout sessions, walking the labyrinth as creative oracle, playing in the pool, working with the divine nature of the ARCHETYPES of the CREATIVE WILD, dream tending, enjoying one another as kindred spirits, amazing organic (vegetarian and other) local grown food prepared for us with love and lots of CIRCLING with mixed media ART!

Integrating SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles, mixed media art, group and guided process, we will be working with visual narrative in the form of scroll, altered book and found object assemblage.

We will spend time in a powerful landscape rooted in the rich legacy of the vine, the valley, the trees, the starry sky. This is the land of la dolce vita, the Valley of the Moon.  This will be a sacred space to quest and play, relax, release and discover your deeper held identities, opening to new gifts as you explore archetypal, mythic and symbolic wisdom in a tribe of like minded women.

Circle of Mythwalkers

Answering the call to SummerQuest will activate and expand your mythic threads, archetypal roots and personal mythos journey.

You will receive:

  • On-Site Accommodations at Westerbeke Ranch Retreat
  • Shared and Single rooms available
  • All meals are prepared for us in our private space
  • A special retreat bag and all art materials provided
  • Workshops, Guided Group Process and Breakout/Exploration Sessions
  • Exclusive large meeting rooms and art studio space
  • On-site Labyrinth, Meditation House, Massage Cottage, Gardens and Pool, with beautiful surroundings and walking trails

Westerbeke Ranch Pool

SummerQuest will include working deeply with expressive and transformative arts using Collage, Mixed-Media, Assemblage, Paint and Paper Arts. Cat will guide sessions and has invited some guest artists to share wisdom on a few occasions.

This retreat is scheduled mid-week intentionally, for you to take a week off of life and experience the fun of summer!

Nestled between two weekends you may want to extend your time in beautiful Northern California, enjoying nearby Marin County, San Francisco, Napa and the Greater Bay Area.

Traveling by air? Rent a car or use easy and direct air porter transportation to nearby Petaluma, available from Oakland or San Francisco Airport. Personal pick-up and drop-off for the last 15 minute drive to the retreat center is available, simply arrange with Cat.


Retreat Dates: July 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th

Arriving early and settling in  early is a bonus offering to this retreat. Arrive anytime between 10am and 4pm on July 7th, I will be holding a loose circle space, enjoy a wonderful lunch, casual creative time for you to enjoy during the day. Relax and get comfortable, swim and play, enjoy visiting with Quest Sisters and get to know one another.

SummerQuest circle official begins in circle at 5pm on July 7th, after which we will have a bountiful dinner and then create into the evening! Our SummerQuest Circle will close at 3pm on July 10th.


Cottage RoomYellow Cottage

All Inclusive Retreat, Meals + Shared Room $980.

*Make FOUR Easy payments of $245!





All Inclusive Retreat, Meals + Single Room $1580.

*Make FOUR Easy payments of $395!



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Retreat Policy:

Final payments must be received by May 15th

Refunds less $150 administrative fee, will be offered until April 30th

No refund after May 1st

Under certain circumstances you may request and be offered application of partial reservation to be applied to future retreat.

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