Gallery of Art | Archetypes of the Creative Wild

Artists of a Tribe

“Art is an act of the soul, not the intellect.”

Nine hundred of us circled in and engaged a daily practice of art making and gathering energies to find out more about the archetypes, parts of self, rhythms and ways of our creative wild. This is a sampling of art that was created with the daily prompts…whether one day or most days were explored, the inquiry process brought forth the stories that were waiting to be seen and heard. The idea was to seek and find experience and expression that was lost, missing or wanting to be known!

Expand your own experience with art as process and join the conversation in the upcoming Q + A Call, on October 4th. Explore the ways that art and journey process support healing and wholeness and how this work may guide deeper layers of expression that enrich ones personal and professional life!

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Art is shared with permission from individuals in Archetypes of the Creative Wild | September 2016. Thank you to each and every artist who is, has been and will be traveling in Mythos Journey and QuestPath…we are artists of life!