Enjoy Finding Flow!

I am excited to connect with you and offer you this guided process as a gift!

We are always in relationship with our energies ebbing and flowing, yet there are times we need a shift. When the sense of depletion is overwhelming we loose our ability to create moment and find flow. This practice will start to restore flow in your life.


  • ConnectingAre you experiencing a period of dryness?
  • Are you thirsty?
  • Are there old energies or emotions blocking you?
  • Is something holding you back?
  • Are you feeling ready to FLOW in new directions?


IMG_1983If you answer yes to any go these questions I invite to dive into an experiential process, releasing the overactive mind and inviting mystery to meet you. Slip into this journey with SACRED WATER.

Your relationship with the elements, in this case water, can provide a powerful catalyst in removing tarnish, residue and any energies that no longer serve you.

Water offers both release and renewal.

Download the mini ebook,  listen to the guide journey and create in parallel process to explore your self in relations with what is rising out of your minds eye and inner wisdom.

This material is offered to inspire you as you activate, art-make and experience restorative healing, increasing your vitality, energy and brillience with FLOW!
Companion Ebook includes the Guided Journey with Water [MP3 Download] and a Creative Process:

Ebook | Finding Flow [Download]

Easy Listening Audio: Journey with Water


In Vision,