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You are an artist of life.
You are an artist within your own life.

I invite you to come explore your artist self, deepen your relationship with journey work and explore the inner landscape through the full spectrum of your whole self.

Our journey work ecourse allows you to gather your parts and pieces, explore your stories, find your truths, understand new narratives, engage your curiosity, invite wonder and experience play.

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QuestPath: Sacred Wheel + Year of Mythos Journey

This is a year round tribe that offers seasonal cycles of mythic and thematic offerings within a dynamic and sacred space we will co-create.

With art-making and life-making we will turn with the eight seasons, on the Sacred Wheel of the Year, while exploring our own stories, rhythms and ways, noticing how we are always in the journey with phases and stages of life.


QuestPath registration is open for Oct. 26th, 2018

What is Quest?

Quest is a year long, guided Mythos Journey™ process. Quest is a global eCourse and community of women and artists of life, offering a distinctive blend of art-based experiential and myths materials in an open and inspiring environment.

Journey and Depth Process offers:

  • life changing and continual exploration, where richness of life is unearthed through the body of ones own work, using art as process.
  • an opportunity to explore deep journeys that will nurture and guide transformation in ways that are wholly unexpected and always welcome.
  • a call to “know thyself” which is a never-ending story. Together within the circle we are redefining life, finding the new journey path, understand our past, seeking the light within shadow, revealing strengths and discovering our own source of light.
  • a way to remember that the place that we stand now is always sacred, and so to is recognizing how we are moving along the edge of new experience and possibility.

What is a Mythos Journey™?

Mythos Journey™ is a process of discovery that includes lived and intuited experiences, known and unknown stories, symbolic, ancestral and archetypal influences and patterns.

A Mythos Journey™ is defined as a personal process of discovery, which incorporates:

  • Your known and unknown stories
  • Myths and patterns of your life
  • Your history, archeology and influences

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What is Expressive Art & Process?

Expressive Art is a complementary approach to any process and experience of healing, depth work and transformation. Many creative forms and materials can be used to explore feelings, memories, intuitive knowing, emotions, embodied sensing, information and states of being.

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For more courses, visit JourneyPath Institute, founded by Cat Caracelo to promote integrative depth work, transformative process and expressive art in support of healing, wholeness and expansion.

The Institute offers distinctive training programs such as Creative Depth Coaching Certification and Facilitator Training. The Institute also offers JourneyCircles™, a unique collage process and narrative coaching tool for personal and professional practice. This simple, yet powerful process for transformation is also designed to be a dynamic coaching tool for facilitators, coaches and professionals.

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  • JourneyCircles™ Licensed Facilitator Training offers immediate access to step by step facilitation training, with a global interactive classroom, materials, videos and audios, 24/7 access and community.
  • Creative Depth Coach Certification is a comprehensive program offered annually, with a peer professional cohort, interactive global classroom, module learning, guided process, group calls, 1:1 coaching, business mastermind and more.

Discover the amazing way JourneyCircles™ can enhance your personal and professional approaches to depth work, expressive art and transformative process.