Happy Day. Happy Every Day.

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Sacred Grove | Spark of Life

We are all holding a spark of our own Divine Mother Energy.
We are birthers of art and life in many ways and many forms.
We are all daughters, offspring birthed from mothers in this lifetime, and beyond.

Throughout time and space we have been birthed by those who came before us.
We are the daughters of the sky, birthed of trees and stars, earth, air, fire and water.
Some mothers are known to us and others are not,
some mothers are lost to us on the river of time…

Some are seen, heard, felt, honored and loved.
Others must be released to their own life path and choices.
Some mothers are challengers.
Others are chosen and gifted through friendship and deep connection.

Some of us may be mothers and grandmothers…
but whether birthed through the womb or the heart, this matters not,
for mother energy, true mother energy is a divine spark.
Laughter on the wind, soft tending and bubbling love are simply ways it is communicated.
From within.
From the source spark…
It is ones own.

We all hold the spark of Divine Mother Energy.
We birth, mother and grandmother ideas into action.
We nurture, holding our self and one another, in thoughts and response…
Extending our inner spark to friends, loved ones, winged, finned and four-legged creatures…

We must each learn to mother ourselves, throughout our whole life.
Mother our wonder, teach and sing the lullaby that soothes the wounded places, encircle our bodies with warmth and love, respond to our tender souls with words of wisdom.

May this day of honoring reflect your own Mother Energy.
That which is present and held within, is yours and Divine.
Divinely Yours.

Needed, seen, heard,
Honored by us all…

Happy Day.
Happy Every Day.

With love to all sparks of life,

Honoring Mother’s Day in the way that feels most honoring, loving, all encompassing and truthful.

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