Honoring Seena Frost

Seen FrostIn 2005 I discovered by happy accident an art form called SoulCollage® which was a perfect synthesis of the shadow work and sub personality work I was doing in conjunction with Debbie Ford and  my my work with art based process and depth coaching.

I was at a psychology conference and Seena  was presenting her process. In this first workshop I made two cards, one was the happy adventurous child and the other was reflective of The Chalice, my Source card calling in the divine feminine. My experience was significant. The process was so simple and accessible, yet powerfully reflective of my inner world.

Seena developed SoulCollage® as a psycho-spiritual process, and I was enraptured, immediately trained as a facilitator a month later and I have been guiding process using SoulCollage® ever since.

indras netSeena was a funny, wise and warm woman who called herself the birthmother of SoulCollage®. Weaving in her love for Hafiz, the inspiration she received from her mentor Jean Houston and the work of James Hillman, Seena taught and inspired thousands of individuals to explore the psycho-spiritual realm through a simple yet profound art form. Truly a mentor to all. She shared her vision of each of us being part of Indra’s Net, in every training she guided each facilitator, to set their jewel in the net.

“Throughout the universe there’s a network of wires stretching to infinity. The horizontal wires are placed in space; the vertical in time. Everywhere where these wires cross each other, there’s an individual. And every individual is a crystal bead. The big light of an Absolute Being enlightens and penetrates each crystal bead. And every crystal bead reflects not only the light of all other crystals in the network, but also every other reflection, from all corners of the Cosmos.”                                              – The Rigveda – Indra’s Net

She gifted time and space to me and many others, listening and companioning our experiences. May we each take a moment to honor Seena Frost, birthmother of SoulCollage®. If this process has touched your life in any way, may you join in the great circle and send your sparks to meet her in Indras Net, where she is now transitioning into the stars.

It was Seena’s daily practice to meditate with a poem/reading from the poet Hafiz. This is the poem that met her on the day she left this world, read to her by her family. This says it all.

The Salmon Run
I wonder how God ever gets any work done
when he could just be gazing at Himself
in awe all day? What discipline he shows.
I am talking about a real problem that will
challenge you someday, though you may
know nothing about that yet:
splendor taking over the place and rising
from your body like a sunrise–gods sitting
on a hill needing to bask in you. For it is true,
we help sustain existence.
All types of fishermen, merchants and seekers
will gather around you when you reach your goal.
They will be wanting to cast their nets into
the brilliant salmon run you become,
leaping into the sky, offering to take any near

– Hafiz

With gratitude and love,