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journeypath-institute logoJourneyPath Institute, founded by Cat Caracelo, promotes integrative depth work, transformative process and expressive art to support healing, wholeness and expansion.

The Institute offers distinctive training programs such as Creative Depth Coaching Certification and Facilitator Training. The Institute also offers JourneyCircles™, a unique collage process and narrative coaching tool for personal and professional practice. This simple, yet powerful process for transformation is also designed to be a dynamic coaching tool for facilitators, coaches and professionals.

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  • JourneyCircles™ Licensed Facilitator Training offers immediate access to step by step facilitation training, with a global interactive classroom, materials, videos and audios, 24/7 access and community.
  • Creative Depth Coach Certification is a comprehensive program offered annually, with a peer professional cohort, interactive global classroom, module learning, guided process, group calls, 1:1 coaching, business mastermind and more.

Discover the amazing way JourneyCircles™ can enhance your personal and professional approaches to depth work, expressive art and transformative process.


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