Reclaim your Brilliance

As seasons shift and life turns, reclaiming is a particular energetic principle that is frequently needed, and welcome.

In the JourneyCircles™ process, each Transformation Card offers an entire journey in and of itself.


Each holds a message that contains an invitation of engagement (moving energy) and a transformative outcome. Transformative outcomes are based on the experiences and perspectives that are found when we are moving in and through the active journey, that mirrors the hero or heroine’s journey.

Artmaking is Active

Reclaim your Brilliance is one of the seven transformation cards in the JourneyCircles™ process.

JourneyCircles™ Card: Energy Gathering


The moving energy of an invitation to RECLAIM grows into Vibrant Brilliance by nature of the “artist seeker” being in relationship with the facets and forms, exploring the stories that move through owns own life and art.

Intuitive artmaking invites me into conversation about how the energy of reclaiming is active. Reading the narrative that is contained in this card, she is packed and ready to travel, self assured she puts one hand on a hip and looks out to the left. There is a dark sky gathering and lightning in the atmosphere, juxed-position with the flowers in the meadow. It feels thick and hot, an electrical storm is brewing and yet she is wearing a hat, gloves and coat. She shares the words “doubts and daring”, indicating that these are part of her journey.

JourneyCircles Card: Doubts and Daring - soul journey workExploring that which is feeling tarnished, disconnected, thick, tainted, emotional, challenged or diminished are active pathways to reclaiming brilliance.

In the Heroine’s Journey this way of traveling, through entering into a space of reclaiming through the lens of challenge, sparks doubt and activates daring – which might be felt as deep and abiding trust, or a need to gather courage and trust. This kind of a journey might be akin to entering into the Forest, a place that Joseph Campbell called the shadowlands and Jean Shinoda Bolen calls a place of remembering. I call this space Mystery.

Jean Shinoda Bolen quote

If you are entering into the sacred space of one transformation message, it can be its own journey experience. It is single space where one is seeking something that has been lost or found. In this example of reclaiming, it is likely you will be noticing how brilliance is or is not active. You can how the  journey is reflecting multiple energies coming from several directions. Trust, Remember and Reclaim are all active in this journey, as is Lean In which is held as active courage. Three or four of the Transformation cards could come into play and offer insights for your experience.  Uncovering the source material of ones own journey is always connected to internal seeking and external process, art and life in a symbiotic exchange. Understanding how the patterns impact your life journey is a delicious creative way to explore art.

Art. Image. Symbol.
Metaphor. Narrative. Life.

Each of the seven JourneyCircles™ Transformation cards includes a symbolic color and message that is directional, affirmative and energetic. The cards together create dynamic patterns, relationships and interplay, as well.

Seven Transformation Cards

Initially, you might be drawn to a message card that speaks of something that is active, either a current felt or recognized experience or the recognizing the absence of something that is necessary, the experience of active yearning.

This in itself is illuminating.

To create with this energy, is invaluable. To create within the space of each JourneyCircles™ card offers a reflective surface, a sacred mirror to explore your art and life.
JourneyCircles™ creative process

  • Creating on the “art-side” of card intuitively brings layers of additional information to the surface through art-making and the language of image and symbol.
  • Using the card message side up brings it into conversation with your art, in a different way. Offering pattern and interplay, you can explore the stories and narratives that already hold meaning.
  • Transformation cards make dynamic companions to other art and modalities such as SoulCollage®, Visual Journaling, Body Mapping and Narrative Art.


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