Listening + Remembering

Listening, remembering and moving into the tide of ones life with better choices, options and ways of meeting oneself is key to renewal; making space for experiencing a state of presence, energy and movement.

This poetic piece is part of a longer and well loved poem of mine called A Nest of Grief, which offers THREE important ways to meet oneself, during times of depletion: Listening, Remembering and Moving Into.


a dry riverbed



water returns

to her banks

moving into

a new rhythm

of flow

Like inner waters that ebb and flow, retreating from day to day life invites us to connect back in and offers a powerful way to listen beyond the edge of a busy life. This is where we can deepen awareness and remember, moving into new experience as we are ready to return to flow.

Listening itself can bring us into balance, especially when we are not tending to some of our deeper needs. Remembering is a gathering energy, bringing back together that which has been separated from itself. Moving into is the outcome, of being in conversation with ebb and flow while allowing it to carry you.

Connect with me if you are ready to renew, coaching and companioning is a powerful way to move back into a “listening conversation” with your life!

In Vision,