Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud

It has been a glorious month, full and overflowing with abundance, overlapping commitments and plans. Not historically how I schedule my time, at least not consciously, but several opportunities conspired to invite in this much YES energy. With every doorway of YES I walk through comes a new hallways of possibilities.

I am saying YES to YES. Both in my personal life and professional world, which are very connected and fuel each other. I am inspired to step beyond my former edges and step into new territory. New courses, growing community, spontaneous getaways with my grand daughters, overseas retreat in stunning Italy, the experiences calling me toward them are vast. As I say YES, to that which entices me and also frightens me, I am learning what fits now in this turning of seasons toward Autumn and Winter.

With that said, I am becoming more and more conscious of my need for structures and recognize the need to be more conscientious about self-care than ever before. My creative ways have taken me into the whirling dervish experience more often than not, but in order for me to truly to LIVE OUT LOUD now, with curiosity, delight, expression, experience, energy and time on my side, I find I need to tend to the details that I used to ignore! I have asked for support, received it, released control I used to hold completely on my own, say YES to more responsibility with a growing fraction of time to rest and step away. Saying YES to taking more on requires letting go as well, both remind me that I am vibrantly alive and have my own limitations. Learning that others can and will step in to fill my gaps and co-create dreams with me is an expression of Life’s YES. My life is an expression of living out loud but not because of a busy month, family or travel, which naturally enrich my life, but because I make a lot of space for experience through the lens of being an artist of life. I have defined my passion and built my energies around meeting myself everyday in a powerful way. Regardless of good days or bad, happy or sad, I know what I love, and I love what I do. I honor myself and others based on who I/we are in the expression of our healing and wholeness.

Circumstantial experience can change or alter one’s perspective. Illness, fear, caregiving and worry are some that have sent me running back to a safe space where I hope no one, including myself, will find me. I am less and less derailed by life. I am attuned and continue to work with the material of life. I have many many potent resources and am using them.

When I fall into difficulty I have a way to meet and maybe even shift the energy of my circumstances and stories. The call and response of expressive art, transformative process, collaborating with community of like hearted artists of life, has saved me from a million scary edges, rocky paths and stuck places. The personal work I engage is a like having an ever-expanding map, mirror, compass and key. Each helps me to know who I am, why I do what I do, where I am headed, what possibilities await and how they inspire me.

Living out loud also happens in my professional life where deep and profound relationships are cultivated and grow every day. I am able to share my passions, continue to develop, share and teach the distinctive ways I work with others, in order to inspire and assist personal transformation and growth. I get to witness individuals of all ages engage deep healing, seek new knowledge, discover full expression and courageously take the “willing leap” of activation to experience depth work, pscho-spiritual inquiry and art as process. It is here that the ripple effect begins to show. In circles, tribes and one-to-one, we become who we have always wanted to be. We grow ourselves and then start to see the impact we have in our own spheres of influence. This is the never-ending story that needs to be given a form, or a structure, in order to be known and lived into.  This is living out loud and we as artists of life must find our special blend of passion, purpose and form to connect to the legacy that Emile Zola shared 150 years ago.

This is a love letter to us all.

If you ask me what I came to do in this world,

I, an artist, will answer you I am here to live out loud.

– Emile Zola

Living out loud does not mean being pressured to achieve or production based on other people’s ideas and rules. In order to resist the outer pulls, we must know what we want, need and desire. Within my creative process I am always defining, designing, redefining and refining my life. I remember a mentor saying to me years ago, “I can sleep when I’m dead.” Not quite my style, I want to live, prosper and sleep when I need to! For me, living out loud is active and balanced, a good design that honors my whole self – passions, purpose and path!

  • How do you engage: who, why, where, what, how in your life?
  • What is shifting or on the edge of change?
  • Is there something you want to experience, do or be, and are not sure how to initiate it or call it in?
  • What is calling to you?


In Vision,