Make Space for Nesting & Nurturing

Creating a Sacred Nest |

How can I be soft in the strength that I am?

How can I nurture the energies that I hold in my hands?

This is important. I mean really important!

How do you make space for nesting and nurturing, tending your self?

There is a specific energy that you are experiencing right now.

Stop to consider what it is.

Is it a need? A desire? A wish? A hope?

Maybe you are unwinding from a season of darkness and unrest, or perhaps it has been crazy busy. Have you experienced stinging disappointments or a past year that has been charged with challenge.

  • What is it that you need most right now?
  • Is there a change in the wind?
  • Is there a shift happening, that you are already aware of?
  • Is there a transition that you are inviting or activating now?

You DO actually need to create space for the change itself. Change and transition time needs to be nurtured and cared for too. Your own “rough around the edges” qualities of pushing, getting caught up, proving, doing and measuring up, must have their own rest time in order to release and become more easy going qualities that are easier to live and flow with!!

Are you ready to gather space for yourself, to be still, held and nurtured?

If you are like me, you might be feeling the subtle pull toward the seasonal shifts. Is this a natural time of nesting and deepening into the original core self, or a time of nurturing new growth, nesting and birthing new plans. It is aways in season to make time for tenderness, creative time, nesting, connecting with and rooting into ones own needs, as a source of deep rest and re-filling energy.

Conscious tending requires you to know your own needs. You may find that despite your best efforts you pour out more of your own energy with the flurry of activity then you intend to. This is where you may find that you are even more depleted than you realize and one can get dangerously overwhelmed in this depleted state.

There is a heightened energy and expectation that can be part of a full life, there are times when our expectations and disappointments bump into one another like a perfect storm.

You can choose how to meet these time of challenge and decide what to do with messy energy. 

  • What do you do with your own inner triggers and reactions?
  • Will you ignore or meet your deepest needs?

Create a CONSCIOUS space, even a small one, just for nesting and nurturing. This is a necessary and positive active decision.

Maybe a Nest of Nurturing is about creating a space for choice, a place that is full of energetic potency. 

Potency = Potential and Possibility

It can be as easy as creating space to be present, connected and held. Maybe it is gathering some materials for ongoing creative play, preparing a delicious candle lit bath, talking a walk, singing as you make tea, getting cozy with a favorite book or movie, or listening to the rain as you drift into sleep…

  • Think of three easy ways to create your own NEST.
  • What is it that will hold and nurture you, right now?
  • The outcomes of consciously creating your own space for nurturing can be extraordinarily helpful and continue to be active for years.
  • Whether a one time ‘stepping in’ or a practice that you engage regularly, each moment of connecting will guide you in ways that strengthen your life force.

The whole life purpose of Nesting and Nurturing is not to get stuck, but instead to offer yourself some Tender Loving Care space that allows you to fill your energy back up, for all the times when you need it most! Interesting that this space will also help you to redefine your edges and boundaries, connect deeply with option, choices and fresh ideas that can assist you in having a fresh outlook!This is a win, win, win plan of action…one that will hold you and guide you.

I wish you the most perfect nest for nurturing!


In vision,

*If you need some extra support in designing your nest and nurturing a life plan schedule a coaching session!