Manifesto for Artists of Life


The Winding Staircase | Photograph by Cat Caracelo

The Winding Staircase | Photograph by Cat Caracelo

Manifesto for Artists of Life: The Winding Path of Wisdom

Art is creative expression that moves ‘in you’ and ‘through you’ guiding one through process, in new ways.

Art promotes insight and change, it is a path to deep wisdom.

Art changes the way we see, sense and experience information.

Art heals; it is a tool of the internal world, expressed externally.

Art speaks of, from and to the deep subconscious, voicing the self, the collective, the conscious awareness and the emerging awareness.

Art expresses truth, from the inside out and from the outside in.

Art impacts and influences individuals, families, communities and future generations.

Art breathes, screams and dances the energy within us and moves the energy that surrounds us creating ripples of consciousness.

Be with your art, live it and love it…

Allow your art to teach you, speak to you, truth-telling that cracks you open as you to find your way…

Art is a path of wisdom, leading you home to your sacred self.

– Cat Caracelo 2007

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