Mythic Rivers: Creative Expression and Embodiment (Part 2)

Ebb and FlowThe symbol of water invites us to listen. We listen with our water bodies and align our breath with stillness so that we can hear the call of the waters.

We listen through our emotions, as feelings flow we ride the waves of stormy seas and find our way into new territories. We feel the effect of water or lack thereof in our environment, communities and the experience of others, moving us to respond in powerful and helpful ways.


Seeking our waters in art and life is an invitation to listen and respond more deeply to our own experiences and those that are calling us forth in life. To hear the call of the river is to hear the call of our own deep inner waters that flow in many directions. To feel the cool waters of a ritual bath, is profound because it welcomes us back into a sacred womb space. Anointing ourselves in the salty sea we enter into water to connect to our source, to our own inner wisdom, deep myths and divine purpose. We listen and respond to the language of water through conscious connecting, healing and moving in ritual, art-making and life-making, thus altering the direction of the mythic rivers and choosing the new ways that will define and refine our life journey.

Find the waterscapes that are moving in your art and life.

Create space for dipping in, getting wet, dancing in the rain.

Find where you are you dry and thirsty for moisture.

Notice where your body needs movement, lubrication, softening…

Seek silence in the sigh of the oceans ebb and flow.

Listen to the different rhythms of flow in your life.

Notice what kind of moisture and movement is missing if you are experiencing a drought.

Find the stillpoint between breaths, notice that the still point is its own deep pool, where you can dive deep.

Splash in puddles and play.

Under midnight moonbeams soak in a steaming hot springs.

Find the waters that call to you.

Create from this place of grace.

Creative Connections: Balance and Flow

Creative Connections: Balance and Flow

Finding Flow is a mytho-poetic expression of my journey with water energy, you may download the PDF if interested in reading or using this form in your creative practice. Finding Flow Poem

I invite you to explore your symbolic language in creative and depth process, join me in a Mythos Journey eCourse or on retreat to experience the potency of personal myth. If you are feeling tender about your journey process and want to seek more information and support connect with me to find out more about the profound impact of depth coaching and individual offerings.

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what are your river stories?

what are your river stories?

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