Mythic Rivers: The Symbolic Language of Water (Part 1)

Listening to the RiverWe know our sacred waters, we dwell within them and feel them from the inside out and the outside in.

The waters within our bodies touch the waters of this world, connecting form to form and flow to flow. Our tears, like dousing rods move us and help us to find our way through grief. We understand our lives in relationship to ebb and flow, feeling the rhythms of movement or lack thereof. The extremes challenge us as we touch the stagnant pools, parched places and sometimes find ourselves flooded with discomfort and fear.

These inner landscapes offer the symbolic language of water, as a moving energy that is always a change agent in our lives. Water offers a reflection of the sacred, the scary and the mundane. Waterways offer us a way of connecting with our current stories and deep myths. Shamanic wisdom shares the concept of deep history; mythic rivers are the deep flowing conduits of collective information that flow to us and through us. Our mythic rivers hold information beyond our knowing. The nature of these waters and their flow impacts our conscious connection and relationship with our current stories, the evolving self and our personal myth. Depths, environmental nuances, branches and tributaries of our inner rivers and waters represent the day to day experiences, informing and reflecting the ebb and flow of life, helping us to acknowledge what needs our conscious attention.

Sometime in the flurry of living, we forget to see, feel and move with the quiet ripples and gentle flow.

Flooded with FearWe recognize the language of water in all of the sacred places that call us fourth, even through extreme feelings and fear. A deep cave grotto may lull us into communion with our darkness and our light, but the shock of capsizing in a stormy sea, the crashing, relentless flow of a torrential and swollen winter river, or the crisis of a tidal wave grief experience can feel destructive and flood us.

Waters of all kinds guide us through life. Life waters of the womb bring us to birth and they continue to flow through our dreams and into our long life, carrying us back to source. These guiding waters, of all kinds offer us source material and reflective understanding of life and how it can be met. Waters of all kinds find us in our art and life expressed through symbolic language, they are embedded in our psyche, vast sources of living imagery that reflect all that we already know or need to know better.

As element and symbol water is a guiding force. Distinctive bodies of water, ‘waterways and forms’ guide us in unique and powerful ways. They speak to us of our primordial origin, and connect us to the physical and spiritual realms. Some of us hold a deep connection to the vast waters of oceans and others are called to the energies of clear mountain lakes and small tributary rivulets. For others deep pools and sacred springs, which are known to be conduits to the great mothers womb in cross-cultural myths, hold our soul connection. Water deities in every culture watch over the waters of these places, and we find ourselves called to the water through goddess, guardian and naiad.

Water as symbol, myth, lore and watery connections are both personal and universal. These waters flow through time and space, through the collective into our own psyche, bubbling up to the surface as archetypal qualities of reflection, flow, transformation, intuition and ritual blessing.

I invite you to explore your symbolic language in depth process, join me in a Mythos Journey eCourse or on retreat to experience the potency of personal myth. If you are feeling tender about your journey process and want to seek more information and support, please connect with me to find out more about the profound impact of depth coaching and individual offerings.

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what are your river stories?

what are your river stories?

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