Narrative Poetry and Art

This poem is an unfolding narrative that emerged spontaneously as I was working with several pieces of art that were lying around my studio space. When I am gathering and breathing into something new, it is valuable to find words that allow me to feel more deeply what I am seeking and finding.

A narrative poem can be a new form to disseminate the information that is gathering! This first person technique allows you to follow your art and voice the journey process in one or a few art forms…it is a mytho-poetic, storytelling form by stringing “I am” to express imagery. The emerging narrative is similar to an epic poem, offering both insight and story, energy and information.

I am the one who is common to certain psycho-spiritual processes and forms, originally offered by Roberto Assagioli as part of his development of Psychosynthisis.

Hummingbird Goddess

I am the one who is attuned

I am the one who communicates

with all that surrounds me

I am the one who is connected with the earth,

the stone, the sky

I am the one who listens to the wind in the trees

I am the one who hears the whispers

I am the one who lives in grace,

Accepting all that I have learned as wisdom

I am the one who surrenders to being


I am the one who gives birth

to my creativity

I am the one who watches it glow,

Nurturing creativity

Nurturing me


I am the one who dives deep within

to find the truth

I am the explorer


I am the one who is the jeweled wing,

I am the hummingbird,

I am the energy of the 7th Chakra

the flight from crown to above,

I am the one who enters the gate and returns home,

I am the one who loves the path,

Leading me in new directions

I am the growth of the great tree of life

Connecting above and below in a never-ending cycle,

I am the one who searches the garden, finding nectar,

life sustaining and sweet.


I am the one who seeks,

I am the one who experiences different stages of my life,

Finding the light and the shadow within

Following me,

At times illuminated,

At times integrated,

I am the one who balances,

Wisdom with openness,

Lessons with play,

Searching with surety,

I am the one who is anchored,

Trusting my instincts,

Seeking and finding

Authentic Self


I am the one who enters into the unknown,

I am the one who risks the mystery,

Of myself,

In this world,

In this body,

In this chapter of my life,


the numinous,


above and below

within and without

walking in this world


yet touching



I am the one who ascends and descends

Returning to myself with more than I knew.

– Cat Caracelo


Explore the narrative stories embedded in your art. See how stringing your own “I am’s” can help you find something new…

I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, ’til you yourself burst into bloom.    – Clarissa Pinkola Estes 

Find your stories and see how they serve you. Narrative is a potent tool for discovery and healing. JourneyCircles™ is designed to help you develop new narratives in your art and find the stories that are birthed out of healing and expression.

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In Vision,