The Power of Journey Process

The power of the Mythos Journey and Mythos Journey Quest is undeniable…having lead journey process classes for many years there is something profound that happens, even in the initial commitment to engage there is a cracking open and stepping into.

This season of SummerQuest is offering something special. I love this class and bring it forward after two years – but more than sharing my own passion what I have heard over the years is that SummerQuest | The Eight Gates brings forth tangible shifts and transformation.

SummerQuest is the Heroines Journey, as we move through the eight gates we experience moving energy. Finding energetic portals and environments that offer evolutionary expression – ease, grace, delight, enchantment and magic, we are called deeper into the journey. These are translatable experiences, not transitory. It is the experience of be-ing within a journey or quest, using art-making and life-making, that will offer powerful direction for ones emerging awareness. It is within the emerging awareness that ones inner light begins to shine, sparkle and vibrate – this is an energetic change and like a compass your spirit body will spin and recalibrate…discovering a shift or new direction to inspire the dance.

I designed this journey with a nod to Angeles Arrian and her book The Second Half of Life…she shares her eight gates and I too offer them as inspiration for you…along with many other elements that are yours alone drawn from your psyche to guide you to find your own gates for this season, year or phase of life!

It is the power of that journey that will deliver the personal insight and awareness that engages Conscious Life Design.

Conscious Life Design is a powerful coaching style and inner process that will help you recalibrate every aspect of your life so you can create and live into a life that is aligned with your authentic self.

Conscious Life Design has a directed rhythm, momentum and purpose. As you become more aware of what has been active you will recognize patterns that are outgrown. The more you connect with these deeper truths, the old ways and current ways of being; you will make new choices that will enhance the evolution of your life-path.

Within the journey we seek these QUESTions through art…allowing delight and wonder to guide us!

Art-making, art as process, expressive and transformative art activates translatable information, sparks transformation and soul story metamorphosis, which is another kind of conscious life design. It is the depth and breadth of the journey process that allows us to FEEL the flow of the soul story moving us into our divine path.

This years SummerQuest is a place to play and engage depth, find delight and dance with discovery…

I have come to know my gates and weave them into life and art – they help me to remember myself and hold powerful expressions of source, essence, strengths, aligned power and divine purpose. Join SummerQuest to realign your life through art!

In Vision