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JourneyCircles™ cards are available packaged by type. Refill your supplies and choose to expand your process using your favorite card types!

Pull down menu will help you to find and see each card type, and order with ease.


JourneyCircles™ is a complementary multimodal practice for personal and professional use, offered as a process that can be purchased as a kit with guidebook, or refill cards.

JourneyCircles™ cards provide a visual template that you can create with, one side is prepared for collage and mixed media, and the other offers a printed pattern that is a symbolic and guiding tool. You may use JourneyCircles™ to explore expression and experience more deeply, applying intuitive and intentional visual narrative.

Within the JourneyCircles™ process, there are five distinctive card sizes and types, each offered with important symbolic and energetic patterns, these are the Spiral Path, Key, Transformation, Spectrum and Compass cards. There is also a new Moon card!

You can find out more about JourneyCircles™ cards, process and facilitator training HERE

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