What is a Root Story?

What is a Root Story?


Root Stories are nutrient rich energetic conduits that allow you to connect to your inner wisdom.

Root Stories are found in those parts of your life that you return to at unexpected moments; marked by active recognition and re-remembering. They may also be subtle memories, mythic memories or stories that are barely there, offered through the lens of an image, a story, a symbol or an idea.

Root stories hold the energies of shadow and light, like all material of life, yet they always bring clarity, connection and new growth. Sometimes Root Stories carry ancestral memories and deep history but often they are very personal and singular, offering new insights and messages for your life. Root stories carry big energy, often holding the essence of information that has influenced your life many times over.

Root stories are like rooted wisdom threaded into your history. When your root stories are rediscovered or unearthed they offer a space of opening and understanding. 

Here is one of my Root Stories about myself as the young fearful, runaway artist. This memory was re-remembered through one spread in my art journal. I have incorporated voice dialogue with parts of self and let them tell my story in this two minute video!

*Pump up the volume if you want to hear the voice of the critic :)

Root Stories are all about offering sustenance, roots help you to grow and expand. They feed you and offer you nutrients from the deeper layers of your life. If a root is not healthy it withers; the vast branching roots that wait for you to find them are there to feed and serve you, generating healing, wholeness and growth.

Root Stories carry information of lived experience and intuitive knowing, using symbolic language, emotional intelligence and archetypal wisdom.

Overlapping WisdomWhat are your Root Stories?

Where do you find your them?

How do your Root Stories support and nurture you?

How does your Rooted Wisdom guide you?

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