Summer Solstice

Invite Summer Solstice to meet you and inspire you.

Solstice: The sun stands still on this longest day, the sunrise stretches into our awareness, lavender dawn seems to shift sooner as the light begin to glow on the horizon and the light of the sun meets the edge of the moon.

Although we feel midsummer stretch out in front of us, this day is a fulcrum, a crossroads that moves us back into relationship with darkness. One day past Solstice, we are slowly turning once again towards winter.

It is the energy of summer that expand in our awareness…that fuels specific energies that we may choose to explore, play and delight in!

What is this Solstice Summer Energy inviting you to experience?

The aperture of this moment in time is opening, notice how you are opening to meet the solar light and energies of summer.

Listen to the guided journey and relax into your inner knowing.

Art-making will often bring you closer to the energies that feel so inviting, expressive arts offers many ways to play.

Creative Invitations for Solstice:

  • Where are solar energies held in your body?
  • Work with your Solar Plexus to explore where you can feel you energy rising.
  • What will this season bring?
  • Create space to play and expand into!
  • Take your shoes off and walk in the grass, take yourself to the waters edge to play…make a date to be free of to dos for one whole weekend this summer!
  • What is holding warm, lit, glowing energy in your environment?
  • If you want to bring in some sun energy, create with the colors that feel bright and light…shift something in your space, create a new energy at home!
  • Are you more aligned with the moon than the sun?
  • Then evening will be the best time to meet the Solstice as the setting sun welcomes the moon rise.
  • Cool down and create with deeper colors.
  • Create watery environments, where you can rest in the shade of the summer evenings
  • Paint by the light of the moon and slip into night energy that welcomes subtle and simple choices.
  • Invite words to guide you…download the Attuned | Poem and see how some new ideas to create with!