The Call to Journey | Share from Cat Caracelo


Just returning from a journey experience with a circle of women in Italy, I am reminded of how potent it is to travel together in real time and that we have found a way to to that throughout the year in our global virtual circles. I want to share is how much these circles, these creative circles, offer a heart to heart experience. Virtual circles provide opportunities for each of us to connect across great distance, yet we come together with similar interests and a deep commitment to engage art as process, exploring symbol, image and energies that hold deep meaning in our lives – all that in the comfort of our own homes and studio spaces.

There is a special kind of awareness, consciousness and generative quality that is present as women circle and journey together – it is deeply held and honored in QuestPath, where we forge powerful connections and support one another through the seasons of a year! This offers a rich experience, that is incredibly value-based.

When I began doing journey work in this way, leading it and guiding – I was consciously looking for a way to gather women into circles because connections in my own community were lacking – I was searching for the woman who wanted this work. I also had a strong sense of designing a “field experience” that I knew was possible when gathering in a virtual and highly energetic process. I knew it was something that we could co-create together and over the last ten years we have. My sense of journey work has expanded as we have grown this process, as  women seek their new stories, we energize and empower our lives. The simple act of creating brings us into relationship with what can be ours.

I birthed this journey work by following my own map, defining a new path and creating new territory for myself. How I found my own way, discovered my lost parts and expanded my life is at the core of my vision. Quest is a powerful catalyst for women of all ages who are ready to journey deep. For the many who choose to travel again and again, together we are growing a movement that matters!



QuestPath: A Year of Mythos Journey eCourse + Community is full – and the journey begins with new themes every November 1st, registration opens August/September 2018