The Descent into Darkness

Bones and tendons,  discs shifting,  equilibrium compromised, 

my world came crashing down around me – I was forced to come to a halt. 

Burdened,  over giving and controlling – I was the fierce mother who couldn’t let go.

My body told me it was time to stop and the herniated disc told me of a deeper internal pain locked inside. 

This was the beginning of my memories of myself returning to me…

With deep contemplation I sifted and sorted my life stories,  exploring and gathering information that led me back to clarity and vision.

A time of reawakening my creative self,  threading the needle as I gathered the pieces together and designed the new life I wished to create. 

A time of true authenticity I stripped away the layers of identity and roles, revealing the shame,  the shadows and the rules that no longer fit. I found truth telling was a creative practice. This was the awakening time of a spiritual re-orientation,  a seeking and finding process that was deeply personal and grounded in transformative art as practice.

The herniation of my life was assigned as a painful clue that I had lost myself.

Engaging in a period of introspection and silence I began to unravel my deepest fears,  finding a pervasive unwellness that surrounded me. Engaging my creative intuition I entered my own personal myth, a mythos journey. It became a healing path, my way back. A playful,  engaging,  facing fear and doing it anyway, exuberant reclaiming! 

I discovered my new map and explored the landscape of my life. It was the season of letting go,  stripping myself of my roles, identity and perceived purpose – a season of seeking and finding new energy,  new reasons to thrive,  renewing and restoring myself as I moved into the life-stage of Finding Gypsy…

Follow the tales and inspiration of this time, the end of a life phase and the beginning of my journey to wholeness. Periodically I will share from my unpublished book Finding Gypsy: Exploring the Archetype of the Creative Wild, where I share the stories of my own creative unfolding! 

Reclaim your deepest wild creative self…

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