The Ephemera of My Life…

Life: I am sifting and sorting my office today, where all of the ephemera of my life has come to roost.An overwhelming catch-all nest that I have been stepping over and through for many moons. Objects and items pull my attention as I ruffle the edges and find room for myself to sit. Files and papers mark the passage of living – stacks and gatherings that topple with weight. I am pulled in many directions as I sort. Just to be able to see what is here. I discover categories and themes. I see all of the small objects and items I gather and hold on to.

” I am the one who loves tiny objects, toys, images, objects and symbols that mark my path. ”

I set a few important items “my guides” on my desk, they must stay here.
I open a small jar of solid scent – it smells like sugar and honey and almonds…I dab on the smell of a warm and nurtured child. I imagine I am outside, wrapped in a coat of air that feels like fall moving toward winter – the scent of apples.

I am surrounded by my bits and pieces…feeling the energy of her, the child of my memories, a  secret garden girl who has found her way home. I am a magpie with my gathered treasures. They are mine, I gather them and feather my nest with them.

Yet, today marks the season of cleaning and clearing my space, preparing for the new energy and making room for me to expand and be – I choose today to organize and help these precious parts of my life find a place to live as I prepare for something new…

I notice that the scent of sugar is getting too strong, my skin has warmed it and now it is not as appealing…to much sweetness wafts into my senses and I reflect back to my need this morning to attend to the “too much”. I need to balance my magpie girl.

‘I am the one who sometimes swirls in a creative generative artist place of bringing the material of life into new form, a kind of creative chaos finds me’ or ‘I am the one who needs clean clear space to discover what is emerging and meet myself in a new other form.’ I am both and, not either or.
‘I am the one who is the full spectrum, the many selves that are all welcome…’

Today is the day to stop and BE – my work brings me home to myself and I accept what is…the too much is letting go. In this moment I invite clarity and deep reflection. I string my stories back together as I sift and sort – knowing that my art will meet me soon, revealing other parts of this journey when I am ready to create…

I journey,

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