The Winged Seed | Activation and Manifestation


The Winged Seed | Activation and Manifestation

A 20 Minute Journey & Experiential SoulCollage Process

We begin with a Centering & Guided Meditation (0-10 minutes)

Moving into Process (10 – 20 minutes) Instructions offered in the second half of the recording are offered here in written form:

1. Choose three cards:

You can choose them with attention/purpose related to your experience in the guided meditation or randomly allowing synchronicity to guide you.

Bring them back with you…and put them to the side.


2. Journaling Questions:

What is one thing in your life that you would like to activate? What is the winged seed in your life that is still gestating and becoming itself, growing its wings?

What is the thing that you desire to activate?


3. Ask the Neters, your own deep wisdom keepers, to guide and inform you:

Card #1 | Wayfinding

How am I finding my way?

What is shifting that has to do with manifesting and activation?


Card #2 | Uncovering Blocking Energy

What is blocking the flow?

What is in my way?

What is the Gift of this block?

How can it assist me?


Card #3 | Emerging Energy

What energy is emerging?

How can it guide me in activating and manifesting?

What is the rhythm of this activation energy?

What can you tell me what I need to know now, about movement, activation and manifestation?


4. Birth one new card…

The Essence of YOUR own Winged Seed, the personal reflection of your experience in this four-step process is designed to illuminate your own life-journey. Allow it to become part of the languor of your soul…to guide you and inspire you.

May a Winged Seed find you, may you plant it and nurture it as you grow your own wings…

Feeling the flight path emerging in your life as the wind shifts, may you lift off and follow it into your dreams becoming manifest…

In Vision, Cat


Cat Caracelo M.A. is a Depth Coach, Artist and SoulCollage Facilitator who works internationally guiding transformative process and healing journey work with individuals and groups. For more information about Cat and her distinctive Mythos Journey global eCourses, retreats, depth coaching and conscious life design visit her at


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