Make Like a Tuning Fork…


Create SpaceWhat happens when you feel tired, confused or unsure…

It happens to us all, the strain or tension of life that leaves us questioning some things,  everything. There are all kinds of reasons this arises, is triggered, but what do you do with it?


Create Space for Listening

By Listening, I mean attuning to your whole self.

Make like a tuning fork and begin to listen with your whole spirit, your whole body, your own life.

  • Consider the nature of your tiredness.
  • Listen to the way that confusion or “not sure” is active, and where it is showing up…read more here
  • See where you can release expectations for a short time, unhook from to do’s, must do’s and have to’s.

Listen within, wait through, surrender a bit of time to explore your inner and outer space. Consider if you need to readjust your boundaries, bringing them close or if there a need to expand, wander, stretch your edges and create outside of the box? Notice how the vibration activates when you quiet and listen…all of your inner feelers, can also be inner healers…moving to meet your needs.

Recently I found myself ready to listen.

It started with a number of weeks of  listless resistance. After some time of questioning and challenging myself I turned to my creative space and started to pace. I was looking around my life, then my body, my home…trying to catch a clue without leaning into “issues”.

Wandering from room to room, then moving outside in the garden I began to listen more than look, taking stock turned to a gentle rhythm of connecting in. I was noticing what was “tuning” – where I was and was not connecting, what was and was not aligned. Pulling back on “must do’s” for a few weeks, I took the listening into life, walking, painting, resting…I waited for a glimmer of energy rising and the spark of connection.

It came in an unexpected way, like popping a cork, vitality and trust rose to meet me. The listening labyrinth (soon to be planted in my studio garden) showed up first in my art, so named to reflect the shape and form of the ear, this is one of the gifts that has come from my  commitment to listen, pace, consider space and wait through the not knowing.

Listening Labyrinth

How are you listening and what is the communication that invites you to choose rest, a time of renewal, connection, new direction and aligned purpose. It doesn’t happen at once…but it does happen just this way.When we create space to listen one thing connects to the next, energy shifts and offers energy back to us, we find that clue that we have been waiting for, and one leads to another.

The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention…. A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intentioned words.                                                                                          – Rachel Naomi Remen

How are you Listening to your self, to your life?