Transformative Art: The Symbiotic Relationship between Art & Life


Each year a circle of powerful women joins together, just as the year turns, to travel into a Quest. A VisionQuest, offered through the lens of Mythos Journey that calls one to engage with art and life in new ways…redefining and redesigning life through art.

Why we engage the journey with art is highlighted in the video I have shared above and these powerful declarations I hold to be true, about art & life! This manifesto was written during my years of journeying, healing and finding that art was my greatest teacher, unearthing wisdom that I had lost and reclaiming pathways that had been hidden from me. 

Transformative Art: The Symbiotic Relationship between Art & Life

  •   Art changes the way we sense and understand both experience and information.
  • —  Art heals; it is a tool of the internal world, expressed externally.
  • —  Art speaks of, from and to the deep subconscious and the collective
  • —  Art informs conscious awareness and emerging awareness.
  • —  Art expresses truth, from the inside out and from the outside in.
  • —  Art impacts individuals, families, the community and the greater world.
  • —  Art moves energy within us, impacting us from the inside out and affecting the energy that surrounds us.

Whatever your form…making, being, applicationes that are form based, easy accessable art, musing, dancing, weaving, collaging, sifting & sorting as you design your life:

  • Art connects being and doing.
  • Art takes many forms; often engaging multiple sensing systems.
  • Art happens in the creative space between knowing and not knowing.
  • Art is the bridge between the conscious and sub-conscious.
  • Art-making invites deep inquiry and discovery.
  • Symbol, image and language inspire connection and healing.
  • Art is non-linear and linear, making space for multiple-perspectives.

In Vision,


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