Wisdom Language


As a child I went to an extraordinary dance school. It was called the Temple of the Wings, a sacred space near Berkeley, California, where I grew up.

It was a magical building and grounds, classical with a central open piazza, 30 foot columns, surrounded by gardens and flanked by studio spaces and a private home.

My earliest memory of being there was listening to the language, with my ears and my body. The language of art, intuitive knowing and expression was offered through words and movement. A creative dialogue of call and response invited me to learn how to “become the tree”. This is where I first danced into myself, found my roots and felt my strength, stretching deep and seeking expansion. New inspirations were offered, “move into the wind”, “stretch your branches” invited me to learn how to move into, to feel resistance, to seek direction, to isolate and stretch into. “Be the branch”, brought me into connection with be-coming, finding the nature of coming close and entering into the skin of the thing.

Cat 5,  Temple of the wingsThis language was highly evocative and a creative spark for a four year old introverted dreamer. Mirroring the work of her late mentor and friend Isadora Duncan, I was taught by a woman who was true to the original form of Modern Dance. In her late 60’s, or 70’s, when I met her, Sulgwynn Boyton Quitzow was my first wisdom teacher.

I loved being in her presence. She was a keeper of wisdom, an authority, a warrior of dance, a presence…she was a creative conduit. I was awed by her, on the edge of frightened sometimes, but always attuned. I remained a student in the studio for many years and the exploration I did there has lived with me all of my life.

Creative language, wisdom language offers a way to seek and discover. Learning how to be-come, how to come close, how to move into or stretch ones’ nature of knowing, and how to become one with ones’ deep nature. At four I could not understand the depth of these ideas, but as life turned and turned again, I started to remember what I knew, how to listen. The spark, sparked and offered a sense of the energies. Becoming connected, connecting deeper and stretching into knowing my nature.

This idea of being a creative conduit has returned to me many times as I continue to deepen mytemple of the wings work in depth and journey process, understanding more about the energetics of the creative process, depth and transformative practices and what it means to be a conduit. As I was taught, now I teach. The wisdom offered, is offered here to spark and stretch you, as it has has me.

  • How do you channel your life energy through your art and move into it as a means of exploration?
  • How do you express your creative?
  • Is your energy flowing in ways that support you?
  • Are you a creative conduit?
  • Do you want to work with the energetics of the conduit and develop your creative expression?
Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan | photo by Edward Steichen

Isadora was fierce, she lived out loud and expressed a brilliant truth about experiencing the art within the conduit, in the flow of creating, she said with fiery precision:

“No, I can’t explain the dance to you;

if I could tell you what it meant,

there would be no point in dancing it.”

                                              – Isadora Duncan

 **and the point is to dance it, to live it, to connect back to your own source!

Are you are on the edge, or in the midst, of remembering, stretching and reclaiming?  Is your life force moving into its new direction and full expression? Do you need some help in navigating the journey? Contact me to explore depth coaching, it is a phenomenal way to engage the journey of life and become present to the wisdom that is yours.

In Vision,