Women’s World Summit

dream and gather
I am moved by the determination of a deeply held dream, a Womens World Summit that brings an opportunity to connect with 30 women over 30 days to talk about the things that matter to our lives, celebrating Women’s Voices, Visions and Values…where we have been and where we are going. We are not alone…

International Womens Day, on March 8th has become a movement. We connect with passionate women creating the kind of change that is literally re-storying the world. This is a day that reminds us that We Are Gathering a Storm and Preparing for a Shift…a day, a month, a year, a lifetime, a revolution and a legacy.

reloveutionThis is what I believe is held in our hearts when we shed tears over what Marianne Williamson calls a world filled “broken hearted humanity” and that we have the capacity to rise up in fierce divinity in our own life to impact all that is.

I’ve been invited to be a featured thought leader and kick off this revolutionary online event in honor of International Women’s Day.

Please join me in this virtual event [delivered to you] beginning on March 8th! http://www.womensworldsummit.com

We feel the pain of our own places of pain, knowing that women of all ages experience lives of struggle, isolation and fear. So many feeling lost and looking for direction, validation and encouragement for what is possible. We are reflections of one another, what we do matters.

I wrote this as I was preparing for my talk, it is our stories being re-storied that guide us into a new future:
“We as women of all ages must understand our stories – our pains, our strengths and our possibilities. As women we are connecting to deeply held dreams, our own and those of women throughout time.

We, as the change makers, healers, activists and artists of life in our own skin must be willing to initiate ourselves again and again, learning to dive deep into that which is hidden or harbored.”

– Cat Caracelo

I have more to share and hope you will join me and 29 other women to celebrate our voices and honor all that has brought us here and how we are bringing our sparks forward.

Women of Worth3

I was moved to tears listening to Marianne Williamson speak to this topic, that we are fierce divine goddesses impacting one another, inspiring one another, connecting within to “divine” our lives and activate the energy of initiator, visionary, priestess.


This event is a safe space to remember, connect, strengthen and align with your truth and wisdom in sisterhood. Join me and thousands around the world as we discuss both the opportunities and challenges we face today.

Completely free virtual event! Click here and circle with me on March 8th!—-> http://www.womensworldsummit.com